Fantasty Football: Week Two

I won!

2013-09-16 20.11.30

Not be a lot when compared to the rest of my league, but still. Dignity. Feels good.

The day after my loss was rough. We have a mini game going in my league. I got booted in Round 1. And my match-up that week brought his new baby into work and laughed in my face. When I got home, I hit the web. Reddit’s fantasy football board helped me out. I decided to drop a player. I don’t remember who, but I picked up Julius Thomas right when the hype hit. I’m thinking, good decision.

But, it was only one player, and I still wasn’t feeling too confident later in the week. I went to Station to Station (to see Patti effing Smith!) with some folks and my buddy laughed at my team. Hard. And said, “sorry.” I had a couple of okay dudes. My defense wasn’t doing me any favors. It just seemed I got owned by autodraft. He took my phone and dropped the Vikings defense, benched the Packers, and got me the Eagles. “At least you’ll have an average defense,” he said. Great.

Luckily, on Sunday, ESPN was favoring my team to beat my opponent. Then Eddie Lacy got a concussion. Are you kidding me? I lucked out and my team persevered. The big game day is today, but I’m about to hop a plane to New York City. I’m in travel panic mode so football isn’t the first thing on my mind. I’m already trailing from Thursday’s game, but I should pick up some solid points today and tomorrow. I’ve got to go work on breathing and get my travel on. We’ll see how this goes in a few days.


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