Fantasy Football: Weeks Three, Four, and Five

So I’ve been traveling around a lot lately and have been following fantasy football from the glow of my cell phone screen. I had a win streak going on for a while. It was captivating.

Recapping three weeks of fantasy games isn’t going to happen. I don’t remember all that much except that some of my running backs and wide receivers seemed to forget that they were playing a game of football. I still had two victories, so I’m not super upset over here, but it’s the principle of the thing.

After listening to my buddy Paul and picking up the Eagles defense, I was hit with a negative point total and I ditched them. I’m working with the Titans D/ST now. They’re doing okay. Drafting Julius Thomas and putting him in at tight end has paid off. I’m happy I picked him up early. Overall, the total points I’ve racked up haven’t been high, but they’ve been enough to pull out a win. I’m up to 5th place in the league, and I’m hoping I can keep moving on up.

A solid number of my players are getting injured, and I’m left with the dreaded P (probable), Q (questionable), or, even worse, the O (out). It was down to the wire for me today with Calvin Johnson, and I probably shouldn’t have played him. He had a projected zero points until 11am today when he was finally cleared for game play. It’s getting trickier to make up for these holes. The players and stats I want to see on the waiver wire aren’t there, and I’m stuck putting my faith in the players I have.

This week, I grabbed Percy Harvin for my injured reserve spot. I know his name from his Vikings past, and I seem to remember him being a pretty solid player. Apparently he’s getting up there in years, but hopefully the months of rest have rejuvenated him a bit. The internet has been telling me he’s improving quicker than expected and a return this season is looking likely. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a good move for the later weeks.

This week’s game is already in play. I’m up against the boss. I’m going to crush him.


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