Schoolin’: Becoming a Know-It-All Once Again

school bus door-side

Keeping a blog is difficult. Returning to school after 4 years a challenge. Taking courses online is free!

After tip-toeing around the idea of going to back to school since I graduated in 2010, I’ve finally made the decision to dive back in. My GMAT study books are en route care of FedEx, and I’m gearing up to realize I’m probably not as smart as I once was. My skills have developed from real world applications and not tests and quizzes. I haven’t been a slave to the A and B for years, but I was such a good little drone. Sometimes.

So, to get me back in the swing of things, I’m taking some online courses over the next few months through Coursera. Maybe it’s a cop-out, but it certainly won’t cost me much more than self disappointment.

Starting in the next week:

  • Calculus 1: I haven’t taken it since I was a senior in high school, and I don’t work in an industry where it will provide me with an advantage. But, I was always good at math and the old man always wanted me to be an engineer, so why not at least refresh my memory so I can at least put some jackass in their place one day.
  • Introduction to Guitar: I know how to play guitar and I was a trained pianist. I could be better. Let’s start from the basics and see if it will help improve my bass skills at the same time. And it’s associated with Berklee so I can put my nose up a little bit.
  • Songwriting: This goes hand in hand with Intro to Guitar, right? If anything, it won’t be bad for DENNIS.

Starting in the future:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior, March 2014: This one has to do with behavioral economics. Anything to give me an edge at work to crush the competition.
  • Music Theory: I lost a lot in the time since I was last able to truly sit at a piano. I used to be able to grab a couple of minutes whenever I visited my parents, but they decided they’d rather have floor space instead of a piano that got played for 30 minutes every year. Their selfishness has been noted.

So, going back to school. I’ll try it. Let’s see how these Coursera courses hold up.


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